Guess which ball will win this race?


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Watch More Ball Race in the below links

My best top 10 marble racing videos in full length without cutouts! (10 Years Anniversary) Most of the races in this video has commentary from Greg Woods (F1FanWoodsie).
=== NOTES: Please read this first before posting comments! ===

– For the ones who asking how the balls keeps rolling: The outdoor races are build on a sloped surface (the sand races are on a sand dune, the street race on a sloped street), so they are going downhill.

– For the ones asking “Why does this video showing up in the recommendations?”, this video has been selected by Youtube as a trending video causing to be appear in the recommendations.

– Please do not post useless comments such as “what am i doing with my life” or “this guy has no life” or similar, to keep it clean. Useless comments will be removed.

– For those asking for how long i did to make the tracks: I spent 2 to 4 hours to make a long sand track, i took a similar time on the other track types.

– The number of marbles varies between 2 and 33 per race.
The length of the marble runs and marble tracks varies between a few feet to more than 750 feet.

=== SPOILERS! ===

10. Street marble Race:
9. Dumpert Ball Race:
8. 500 feet sand marble rally:
7. 5-lane Marble Race:
6. Halloween Ball Race:
5. Sand Marble Rally Tournament part 11:
4. Funnel Marble Race:
3. Water Marble Race MarbleLympics:
2. 750 feet Sand Marble Rally:
1. Thrilling Ball Race:

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