What are the unique things about language tamil and its people?


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Tamil is the oldest language in the world.

Tamil has the oldest literature ever recorded in the history of this planet

what is so unique about tamil, people of tamil and their culture?


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    August 5, 2017 at 1:32 pm

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    Tamizhan ( Tamilian) is the only people in the world who respect the language more than anything.

    We do name babies with the word Tamil in it.

    Few Boys name:

    1. Tamil Arasan
    2. Tamil vendhan
    3. Tamil mani
    4. Tamil vanan
    5. Tamil selvan
    6. Tamizh azhagan (TAMIL AZHAGAR )
    7. Tamil kumaran
    8. Tamil maran
    9. Tamil Vadhanan
    10. Tamil Mynthan
    11. Tamil valavan
    12. Tamil velan

    Even some people simply name their babies as “ Tamizh”

    Few Girls name

    1. Tamil selvi
    2. Tamil arasi
    3. Tamil mathi
    4. Tamil Dharani
    5. Tamil vani
    6. Tamil Bharathi
    7. Tamil Thenral

    There are much more, but I will stop with above names.

    Is any other thing needed to prove our love towards the language?

    I dont see any other language has a similar naming style.

    So I think Tamilian is the only Ethnicity in the world to name so.

    Another thing, I need to show here,

    Tamil University located in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu was founded in 1981 offering advanced Tamil courses on allied branches such as linguistics, translation, lexicography, music, drama and manuscriptology.

    Do you what the special about it?

    The buildings was constructed in the form of Tamil letters.

    For those who cant able to read Tamil, Tamilnadu is written as தமிழ்நாடு in Tamil.

    Check the numbering in map



    3. ழ்

    4. நா

    5. டு

    Each letter represents a building.

    Check the location on Google Maps

    Right from the schooling, we tell the children’s the importance of Tamil language through songs,speeches etc.

    Though we are so much passionate about Tamil, we dont hate other language speakers and welcome them with warm greetings.

    If rebirth concept exists, I would like to born as Thamizhan again.

    This are things Only Tamilians can do.

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